Systematize and Monetize Your Genius

Want to get paid for teaching people your expertise?

Hi. I'm Jenna. I help online business owners "unpack" their genius and "repackage" it as a coaching process, course (or both) so their clients can implement and duplicate results! 

You've Got Experience and Expertise. I've got Systems and Strategies. Let's combine our SUPER POWERS and make some SALES!

Create The Course, Group Coaching Program and/or Consulting Business of Your Dreams

"Systematize and Monetize Your Genius" Program is our 12-month Hybrid Coaching Program for business owners who want to share their experience and expertise with the world through coaching, consulting or course creation.


Basically, we want to help you turn your

"Genius" into a Cash Generator"!

Best Fit

Here are the types of people who get the best results in this program: 

  • Aspiring Coaches/Course Creators:  It's time to monetize your zone of GENIUS, but you're not really sure what it even is or how to organize it into a profitable program. Work with Jenna to unpack, repackage and articulate your GENIUS so your clients can replicate your results! 

  • Current Coaches, Consultants, Course Creators You've already got your program or coaching package created, or at least started to sell it. Whether looking to tweak it to increaes sales, or go from private coaching to group coaching, this program is right for you. 

  • Product Sales:  You've been selling products/services and making commissions but are ready to create your own. One that allows you to make 100% commission and start bringing in the cash you deserve for the work you put in! Couple your product with a program, or create something completely seperate. 

“I had been considering starting a coaching business for quite some time, but it all seemed too overwhelming and I had no idea where to begin. I had lots of ideas, but was stuck in conceptualizing versus the actual creation. This is why I chose Jenna. She focuses on the “doing” so you actually get your program created and start getting the results you desire as soon as possible. "

Dawn Tetzlaff

Life On Purpose Coaching 

Lindsay York

Joyful Solutions

Process & Organization Coaching

Within the first two months of joining the program, I launched my own coaching program and brought in more than 5 figures. I have gained so much confidence and clarity in my brand and offer thanks to her coaching. The exciting thing is, we are just getting started! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds.

Michelle Tufford

Learn Earn Impact