Implementation Program



    Know that you're running your business like a professional so you show up, serve your clients and keep them buying! 



    Never re-write another Facebook Message again! Utilize these templates so you can reach out, serve and make offers with ease.  


    Know who your ideal client is, what their pains are and how your product, service or offer solves their problem. 



    Get step by step instructions you can rinse & repeat to turn ideal prospects into paying clients who buy over and over again. 



    Learning is a $0 income producing activity if you don't put it into action. The best way to learn is to consistently act!



    Learn the never-failing ACTION Follow Up Framework so you can reach out to anyone, anytime. Print out this guide and use it for all interactions.


    Get back to the real reason you started your CONNECT and SERVE your clients! Start building genuine relationships that last. 


    Never feel salesy again. Use the scripts provided to lead with service and the sales will come on their own! 



This program is a monthly membership with a 6 month minimum.

After 6 months (payments) you may continue with the program (most do!) or cancel when ready. 




Get instant access to an online course with  training lessons, manuals and to-do lists so you can understand the concepts and take action. 


Show up LIVE or catch replays of weekly implementation sessions. Take the strategies you're learning and put them into ACTION!! 


Get access to Q & A, support, encouragement and community as you interact with Jenna, support staff and other members of the Program. 


  • WHEN: The Strategic Calendar Generator  

    Create and implement your system for spending your time. A strategic calendar helps you organize your time so you can focus on the areas of your business that will make a difference. Follow this detailed, practical and straightforward guide to create a strategy for spending quality time in each important, vital area of your business. 

  • WHO: The Yellow Car (Ideal Client) Identifier 

    Get clear on who's begging to buy what you sell. What makes them tick, their problems, pain points.  And offer them a way around it with your customized product or service solution that gets them the results they desire. Create a specially-crafter offer statement that clearly articulates how your product/service is the one they’ve been looking for, without even realizing it.  

  • WHERE: The Yellow Car Parking Lot Finder

    Figure out where your ideal client is spending their time and money both online and offline so you can

    increase your odds of connecting with someone who needs what you offer. Get in front of communities full of leads who are looking for the exact solution you provide. Or create your own! 

  • WHAT: Action Follow Up Framework 

    If you're worried about being sales-y; don't try to always sell. Instead, use the ACTION Follow Up Framework to connect with leads and clients in a service-focused way that makes both you and them feel at ease. This formula will allow you to connect with people in a genuine way that provides comfort, service and results. 

  • Systems & Tracking

    Taking leads and clients through the Follow Up Formula will allow you to connect with more people than you thought possible. In order to ensure you don't lose clients through the cracks, you'll need to select a system that does the thinking for you! 

  • Prospecting & Sales Pipeline 

    Prospecting and Sales Pipeline is a proven system to finding clients through prospecting. Follow this easy step-by-step process to landing new clients that generate revenue for your business. That way, you can spend more time on high value activities like growing client relationships and nurturing the pipeline.

  • Client Retention Sales Pipeline 

    Learn how to onboard, serve and retain your clients using our proven system. We'll provide the steps, scripts and support so you can increase your client lifetime value and revenue.


Lindsay York

Business Consultant

Jenna’s system and coaching literally transformed my business. I went from feeling scattered and frustrated to confident and organized. I not only have systems to track everything, but I actually use them. Since coaching with Jenna, my retention rate is consistently at 68% or higher! Totally worth it! 


Colleen McCartney

Health & Tech Coach

Worth your money and your time! I needed to tackle people + task + customer support organization once and for all! With Jenna's guidance, I've set up a functioning and effective CRM system, feel more clear (I know what I need to do with my people and when) than ever before, and am focused on the right (and most rewarding) things to serve my people well. I'm so glad I invested."

Todd Hart

Health and Wealth Coach

 I honestly believe that Jenna DuBois Larson is the last person/coach/mentor that you will need for your business. If you have been stuck in an endless cycle of program after program and have never actually done your business, then this is the program for you. Her teachings spill over into all areas of your life. It just all makes sense to me and makes me feel at ease about doing what I love to do. My win is that I said yes to working with Jenna and thank God that she is here to serve us. Say yes. I promise it will be the best decision that you have made with your business."


Have Questions? Reach out to Jenna! 


Get access to the online course, weekly implementation sessions and support community. This program is sold as a monthly payment and comes with a six (6) month minimum.


Jenna Larson, CEO

Jenna helps online coaches, course creators, consultants and direct sales professionals implement systems, strategies and repeatable processes into their business so they can focus on serving their customers while bringing in new leads...all without letting things fall through the cracks! 

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By purchasing this program, you agree to pay a minimum of 6 monthly payments of $297 (or a total of $1782). After the 6 payment minimum has been met, you may cancel your membership/access at any time by emailing prior to your payment processing. Review Terms & Conditions for full details. Otherwise, you may choose a pay in full option for a one time payment.


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